Uebert Angel is an international business mogul who made his fortune as a property tycoon. It is rumoured that he owns more than 200 properties, both commercial and residential, across the globe.

The BBC referred to him as “young and charismatic,” while Forbes magazine stated that Angel “is one of those creating multimillion-dollar fortunes; these individuals do not inherit their wealth; they earn it themselves.”

Uebert Angel also is a motivational speaker carrying out numerous motivational and educational seminars around America, England, Canada and Africa.

He is the founder and chief executive officer of Sam Barkley Construction, a division of the Angel Organisation that specialises in construction, land and building acquisition, and buy-to-sell properties. In addition to Sam Barkeley, he operates a variety of profitable businesses under the umbrella of “The Angel Organisation” (TAO), including hard and soft furnishings.

Also founded by this entrepreneur is the online school Osbourne Institute of Theology. Accredited by “Transworld Accrediting Association” and boasts a student base from over 25 countries across the world.

Angel also has established cable television networks throughout Africa. He is a philanthropist through his “Free Earth” humanitarian movement, which was founded to offer basic living necessities to disadvantaged people on the continent of Africa and to advocate for policy reform and creation that would result in the provision of fundamental needs to all individuals.

Angel’s passion to give back to the community also led him to establish “The Millionaire Academy,” which teaches members how to break into a large businesses and run successful firms of their own. Angel’s goal was and is to break people out of poverty and into a greater world of prosperity by utilising his broad knowledge and acute business acumen.

He received two degrees in Finance from Salford University in the United Kingdom. He later became a finance lecturer in the UK. He has been in business for almost 15 years with great success. He is happily married to Beverly “Bebe” Angel, who is a businesswoman, public figure, and motivational speaker in her own right. They have four children together, all males.

Angel has always been interested in assisting others and positively influencing the worldwide society in her capacity as a UN Peace Ambassador. As a public personality, he has positive and tight relationships with numerous foreign leaders.

He is currently planning the development of important landmark structures in the United Kingdom and around the world, in addition to fostering new entrepreneurs and assisting the needy.

Uebert Angel is dedicated to the emancipation and improvement of individuals and communities.

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